In this range of products, we work with one of the largest and best manufacturers of EUROPE, not to mention the Best. "SAMO", Italian company, is in charge of the elaboration and our main supplier, although it is not the only one, as far as this product is concerned.

The experience in design and production characterizes "SAMO", which has just celebrated 45 years of existence, because it has, today, the widest range of solutions for the bathroom, in terms of quality and design.

Responding to the demands and trends of each niche market and new trends, "SAMO" offers a range of solutions for the shower environment of high quality, extensive, evolved and exclusive that covers from the traditional screens (with more than 500 basic models) with countless variants of colors and finishes in glass, polyfunctional cabins, shower trays, slides and accessories, subdivided into four collections, TRENDY, CLASSIC, BASIC. Choosing a shower screen for daily use has never been so easy!